Nipple Pain is Normal, but Beware if Too Long

Nipples of breast pain usually experienced by a mother who is breastfeeding in the early week of breastfeeding. However, sometimes the pain can be prolonged, and women who are not breastfeeding can also experience sore breast nipples. Know the various causes, so you know when you need to see a doctor. Not only breastfeeding factors, various other factors can be a cause of pain or discomfort in the nipple. Starting from using a bra that is too tight to serious medical conditions, such as symptoms of breast cancer. For this reason, it is important for you to know the causes of sore nipples and when to look out for them. Causes of Sore Nipples In general, here are some things that can cause sore nipples: Problems when breastfeeding Various problems that arise when breastfeeding can cause pain in the nipples, for example when the baby can not suckle properly. The mother's nipples may be too far from the baby's mouth, so she has to pull the nipple into her mouth, then pi
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